The Round-Up: Tuesday

Municipal and state programs to stem foreclosures are rising, spurring local opposition. [NY Times]

The backlog of unsold homes continued to grow in January in a sign that would-be buyers are holding out for better deals. [NY Times]

A Manhattan federal judge ruled that the Port Authority will not be able to collect insurance payments for the World Trade Center plots leased to Larry Silverstein. [NY Post]

Extell chief says he’s in talks with several prospective buyers, including Lehman Brothers, about his Diamond Tower development and does not plan to take over the entire jewelry district. [NY Post]

Home Depot’s fourth quarter profit dips amid housing market slump. [Bloomberg]

US home foreclosures jumped 90 percent year-over-year in January as mortgage rates reset. [Bloomberg]

The Queens Civic Congress wants to rally a "strong civic call for preservation" in a borough with only 20 designated landmarks. [amNY]

The UK is about to roll back tax relief program for foreign workers making London even more expensive for expats in the financial services sector. [NY Sun]

The MTA is expected to unveil a $28 billion plan on Wednesday to fast track the construction of the Second Avenue subway that is partially financed by projected revenues from congestion pricing. [NYDN]

The Round-Up: Tuesday