The Weprin-Obama Education Movement

Michael Bloomberg may have shared a cup of coffee with Barack Obama, but the two have, apparently, a glaring difference of opinion when it comes to education.

Bloomberg has defended the use of standardized testing in public schools, and even berated Mark Weprin for criticizing such tests.

At around the 5:20 mark in Obama’s victory speech from Wisconsin earlier this week, he said:

“And I won’t just talk about how great teachers are, I will reward them for their greatness, by giving them higher salaries. And giving them more support. And I want the highest standards in our schools. We have to have high standards, standards of excellence in order to compete in this global economy. But I don’t want our standards measured just by a single, high-stakes, standardized test, because I don’t want our teachers teaching to the test.”

Which seems to put Obama closer to Weprin’s perspective than to Bloomberg’s. When reached for comment, Weprin said, “It’s a goddamn movement, Azi.”

The Weprin-Obama Education Movement