Too Much Information? The New L.A. Times Masthead

The L.A. Times has put a brand new masthead on its Web site—and wow! What a masthead!

It’s almost impossible to find mastheads online for most papers and magazines, and even then, it’s generally reserved for top editors. But now the Russ Stanton era has begun in earnest at the L.A. Times, virtually everyone in the editorial department is now listed on the internet.

You can see exactly how many foreign bureaus are left, how many people are in Orange County, and who reports to who in the Calendar section. It’s a welcome bit of transparency as newspapers—including the L.A. Times—hemorrhage staff and are increasingly reluctant to advertise their shrinking newsrooms.

And interestingly, as LA Observed points out, the online editorial unit is placed above the print newsroom.

How … Stantonesque!

  Too Much Information? The New L.A. Times Masthead