Tracy Westmoreland: Greg Gutfeld Appearance, Siberia Re-Opening 'Imminent'

Tracy Westmoreland, the actor and former operator of shuttered Hell’s Kitchen watering hole Siberia, called us to chat about his rumored return to Fox’s Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld on Thursday, Feb. 14. (Today, Page Six printed the possible reunion in their “We Hear…” item.)

As Mr. Westmoreland explained it, he recently ran into Red Eye‘s Greg Gutfeld, panelist Bill Schultz and ombudsman Andy Levy. “We were talking about how I sorta fell through the cracks,” said the bar guru, who was once a regular fixture on the show as its official Nightlife Contributor. “I explained it to them like this: ‘It’s Valentine’s Day; I’m going to send out some love.’ So I’m sending love and happiness out to the people. It’s going to be good,” he said, before adding: “Everything is groovy and it’s all good.”

Though apparently excited about the return visit, Mr. Westmoreland did not seem to know in what capacity he would be appearing. “I don’t know exactly why I’m going back, but I hope it’s the nightlife [beat], because that’s what I do best,” he told us.

We had not forgotten that he called us back in November to announce that Siberia would be reopening soon. And when asked for an update, Mr. Westmoreland would say only that Siberia’s reincarnation was “imminent.

“Here’s the story with that: we’re talking to four different landlords—we got the money—we’re dancing around the whole thing,” he said. “As soon as we hand him the check and we sign the papers, it could happen very soon.”

  Tracy Westmoreland: Greg Gutfeld Appearance, Siberia Re-Opening 'Imminent'