Trump SoHo: 'Global Buyers' Buyers Fulfill 'Aggressive Projections'

The blogs are buzzing with news that the construction of the lower floors of Trump SoHo resumed this morning for the first time since worker Yurly Vanschytskyy died and two others were seriously injured in a tragic accident last month.

The Department of Buildings gave the general contractor Bovis Lend Lease clearance to continue work on the first 23 floors, but held off on authorizing concrete or crane usage. Bovis has boosted safety measures at the site and hired a manager to oversee the rest of construction.

Just as one would expect from New York’s iconic (and notoriously immodest) New York developer, the Trump Organization issued a press release Thursday about banner condo sales at the remarkably resilient residential-hotel tower on Spring and Varick.

The release doesn’t mention the accident, the construction delays, or any of the other myriad obstacles the project has surmounted, but it did talk about how the strength of the euro has fueled “global buyers” to snap up 53 percent of the units in the singular 46-story tower, outpacing even the most “aggressive projections.” (Read about the first named buyer in the Trump SoHo, a Milan soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, here.)

“Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium will be the most exclusive destination in the most successful hotel market in the world, and international buyers were smart enough to identify this opportunity at once,” said Don Trump Jr., vice president of development and acquisitions.

Various members of the Trump clan remind readers that the building is not only the tallest one in a neighborhood where no five-star luxury hotels have been before (lest we forget), but it also boasts “world-class” amenities like 24-hour room service and a pool deck.

And no Trump PR blitz would be complete, of course, without a shout-out to the brilliance of the Donald.

“Donald brings instant recognition to the project around the world,” said Alex Sapir, president the Sapir Organization, one of Trump’s development partners on the tower. “Trump SoHo offers a new standard in luxury in a neighborhood that is vibrant in lifestyle, but lacking five star hotels.”

Trump SoHo: 'Global Buyers' Buyers Fulfill 'Aggressive Projections'