Una Clarke on Yvette's Superdelegate Decision

Yvette Clarke, like every other member of Congress from New York, supports Hillary Clinton. But Barack Obama won her Brooklyn congressional district, which could complicate her position somewhat if superdelegates end up having to break an effective deadlock at the Democratic National Convention.

Una Clarke, Yvette’s mother, told me this morning, “I think Yvette will do what is right as a superdelegate."

She went on, “My advice for her is that the people elect her, and although I am her mother, adviser and friend, I would advise her to do what her heart and her conscience wants her to do, and what the people who vote for her have directed her to do.”

When I asked if that meant switching her support, Una said that it didn’t, necessarily.

“You should always do what the people ask you to do because in the final analytic, she is going to have to account to the people of the 11th congressional district for her conduct in office.” But, Una said, her daughter “has to remember that she is a New York elected official” and “whether Hillary wins or loses, Hillary is still going to be our senator, and that deserves some respect.”

Una Clarke on Yvette's Superdelegate Decision