Van Drew Congressional update

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew still hasn’t made a decision about whether he’s running for Congress, but as the April filing deadline approaches, he’s leaning towards sitting this one out.

“I will say that I do have an interest in being a representative for the second congressional district ,but I’m very aware and mindful of the fact that I just won a senate race and we’re in a uniquely challenging time in the state of New Jersey,” he said. “I have to weigh that very, very seriously.”

Van Drew has been courted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee about the prospect of taking on incumbent Republican Frank LoBiondo, and the group has even conducted polling in the district on his behalf. As the Press of Atlantic City reported, the up-tick in Democratic turnout for the presidential primaries and enthusiasm surrounding Barack Obama’s candidacy may have given Van Drew reason to run. But the poll that the DCCC commissioned showed surprisingly strong numbers for LoBiondo.

With regard to the presidential race, Van Drew had been reluctant to pick a horse, saying at a Cumberland County Democratic convention earlier this month that he had hoped to back Bill Richardson or Joe Biden. But now, he’s convinced that Barack Obama is on the way to the nomination.

“I think Obama’s going to win,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a matter of who you’re supporting… Barack’s a little bit untested, and we’re going to see, but I do believe he’s going to prevail and will be the candidate.”

  Van Drew Congressional update