When Romney Attacks, McCain Comes to Bob Dole's Defense

Yesterday Bob Dole came to the defense of John McCain in a letter to Rush Limbaugh that hailed McCain as a “mainstream conservative.”

In a television appearance this morning on Fox & Friends Mitt Romney told the host, Dole is “the last person I would want to write a letter for me.”

Now, McCain is returning the favor. His campaign just issued the following statement:


“Governor Romney’s attack on Bob Dole is disgraceful, and Governor Romney should apologize. Bob Dole is a war hero who has spent his life in service to this nation and nobody has worked harder to build the Republican Party. Bob Dole deserves the respect of every American and certainly every Republican.


“Governor Romney denounced Ronald Reagan in the mid ’90s while Bob Dole was working tirelessly to elect Republicans across the country. Governor Romney was missing from those fights when I was standing with President Reagan and Senator Dole to build the Republican Party.

“Governor Romney is trying to divide the Republican Party and his disparagement of one of our Party’s greatest leaders is a sad commentary on Governor Romney’s increasingly bitter campaign.”

When Romney Attacks, McCain Comes to Bob Dole's Defense