Wolfson Hits Obama on NAFTA, Press on Obama

On a conference call just now, Howard Wolfson again criticized Barack Obama for tacitly receiving support from outside groups after criticizing John Edwards for receiving similar support in Iowa.

"Now when it is in his interest to remain silent, he is remaining silent," said Wolfson, adding, "If this was a moral principle in Iowa it ought to be the same moral principle in Ohio and Texas."

Wolfson was asked whether he has an issue with a candidate receiving money from outside groups, or simply with Obama’s unevenness on the issue.

"The issue is not whether or not outside organizations can participate or not in our political system," he said, adding, "The issue here is the hypocrisy."

Wolfson also questioned Obama’s attacks of Hillary Clinton’s record on NAFTA, pointing out that Obama himself was no great critic of the trade agreement.

"Even today, he is not calling for NAFTA’s repeal," he said.

(The campaign just announced that it has a robocall going out in Ohio about the candidates’ positions on NAFTA.)

Wolfson was also asked about Obama campaign manager David Plouffe’s accusation that a Clinton staffer circulated an email with a photo of Barack Obama dressed in traditional Somali garb.

"I am not aware that anyone sent any such email" he said, adding, "I have never seen that picture before."

Wolfson argued that the way the press jumped on Plouffe’s accusation, which was based solely on Drudge, was indicative of a "double standard between the way that the press covers us and Senator Obama."

Here’s the script of the robocall:

This is Hillary Clinton calling to set the record straight.

Senator Obama has sent out attack mailers that distort my record on NAFTA, but I believe Ohio deserves the truth.

NAFTA has hurt Ohio families and I have a plan to fix it. My opponent does not. I’ll appoint a Trade Prosecutor to enforce our trade agreements, and crackdown on China’s unfair trade practices. I’ll eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas, and invest in creating good jobs right here in Ohio.

Ohio needs solutions, not distortions. With your support on March 4th, we can jumpstart the economy and get Ohio back to work.

This call is Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President

Wolfson Hits Obama on NAFTA, Press on Obama