Working Families Party Promises to 'Hold Democrats Accountable' Too

Next week’s special election between Democrat Darrel Aubertine and Republican Will Barclay could cut the Republican majority in the state Senate down to one seat.

Accordingly, Dan Cantor of the Working Families Party is already issuing a warning, of sorts, against complacency if and when the Democrats get in.

From an email to supporters just now:


If the Democrats do take control of the Senate, the WFP’s job won’t be done. We’ll have to work just as hard as ever to hold Democrats accountable to working people.

But we’ll have a big opportunity to put working families-friendly reforms into law. From paid family leave, to campaign finance reform, to a more progressive tax system, the issues the WFP has championed could finally get a fair hearing in Albany.

This is why the WFP exists: to strategically use key elections like the Aubertine campaign to make real change for New York’s working families. This one’s going to be close, and we can’t win without you.

The Democratic agenda, if and when they take over that house, has become a topic that not many people want to talk about, for some reason.

Working Families Party Promises to 'Hold Democrats Accountable' Too