After Spitzer, a Deluge

The governor’s resignation has been hell on reporters’ in-boxes. Here’s some of what we got from other officials over the last couple of hours, if you’re interested:

Marty Markowitz’s office:
“Editor/Producer Note: Borough President Markowitz will also be available to speak about the resignation of Governor Spitzer following the Dine in Brooklyn press conference.”

Alan Van Capelle, head of the Empire State Pride Agenda:
“David Paterson’s leadership is a story of commitment to civil liberties and human rights. He believes in equality and justice for all New Yorkers and has demonstrated this time and time again—in both words and actions. “

Jim Gennaro, a City Councilman with whom Spitzer appeared at a recent fund-raiser:
“Governor Spitzer’s resignation brings closure to a very brief but tragic moment in New York’s great history and my thoughts and prayers are with the Spitzer family. We must now unite under the leadership of Governor David Paterson and make sure that the people’s business, like passing an equitable state budget next month, moves forward without delay."“

Michael Benjamin, a Democratic Assemblyman from the Bronx and occasional critic of Spitzer:
“I commend the Governor on his decision. I offer Silda and their daughters my best wishes. I offer Lt Gov Paterson my support and goodwill.”

City Councilman John Liu:
“Let’s get back to the people’s business.”

City Comptroller Bill Thompson:
“I know David Paterson is fully qualified to lead this state forward.”

Stuart Applebaum, head of the R.W.D.S.U., a union that backed Spitzer in 2006.
“[David Paterson] has proven himself to be an effective and dedicated
champion of New York’s working families and the members of the RWDSU.

State Democratic Party chair June O’Neill and co-chair Dave Pollak:
“The New York State Democratic Party looks forward to working with Governor Paterson to move forward with an agenda for change.”

Craig Johnson, a Democratic state Senator who Spitzer helped elect:
“Eliot Spitzer’s resignation was the only choice that would ensure that the needs of all residents are not lost as this scandal continues to unfold.” After Spitzer, a Deluge