Bloomberg Pleased as Bruno Pushes ‘Paterson’s’ Congestion Pricing Measure

It’s another good day for congestion pricing, as Joe Bruno introduced a bill in the State Senate to correspond with David Paterson’s announced support for the measure. Once again, the mayor has praise for the budding pro-congestion-charge (pro-Bloomberg?) axis in Albany:

“Senator Bruno and his conference are once again demonstrating their commitment to the people of this City and State by introducing Governor Paterson’s program bill today that will allow us to implement congestion pricing – a plan that an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers support when the money is tied to improving mass transit. This bill will reduce traffic, cut pollution and raise revenue for transit projects, not just in the City, but throughout our region. Together with the Governor, we will continue to work to address the concerns of our partners in the State Legislature and the City Council – including concerns about the impact on lower income drivers and making sure we receive revenue from commuters who use Port Authority crossings. The timely passage of this bill will result in New York getting $354 million in federal funds, which will be used for immediate transit improvements. This is another step in the right direction.”

The statement did not mention Sheldon Silver or the Assembly. Bloomberg Pleased as Bruno Pushes ‘Paterson’s’ Congestion Pricing Measure