Budget, Transport, Endorsement, Relations

“Something close to a miracle,” Jim Tedisco says in this video of the press conference where the budget agreement was announced. [Capitol Confidential]

David Paterson goes so far as to say, "people rode with me," while discussing companions and taxpayer-funded transportation. [Liz]

Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is supporting Barack Obama. [Reuters]

Officials of the New York Thruway say they have to raise tolls to pay for improvements. [Post-Standard]

Traveling together, John McCain and Mitt Romney have a good old time. [Jonathan Martin]

On Staten Island, everyone in politics seems to be related to everyone else. [City Hall Insider]

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont says Hillary Clinton "ought" to withdraw from the race. [LA Times

The City of Utica has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to deny a substantial return to investors in the New York Regional Inconnect powerline. [Times Herald Record]

Joseph Goldstein thinks the choice of the judge Paterson hired as counsel indicates he’s shifting politically left from Eliot Spitzer on criminal justice. [The Sun]

Jeremiah Wright’s church newsletters are now under scrutiny. [Boston Globe]

Al Gore says he “thinks” the Democratic nomination will “resolve itself.” [AP]

Obama’s online fund-raising success is part of an “elaborate marketing effort.” [Wash Post]

David Yassky says there actually is no timeline for completion of the Atlantic Yards project. [Brooklyn Paper]

Former Representative William Lacy Clay, Sr. of Missouri is circulating an email that says Clinton didn’t have nearly the role in passing the Family and Medical Leave Act that she says she did. [The Hill]

Budget, Transport, Endorsement, Relations