Byrne still undecided

As Sen. Frank Lautenberg gets ready to kick off his campaign with a show of Democratic support in Trenton, you can bet that potential Democratic challenger Tom Byrne will be paying attention.

Byrne said that he still hasn’t made a decision on whether he’s going to challenge Lautenberg for the Democratic nomination, but plans to shortly.

“I’m going to have a round of conversations this morning with some key people and see where that goes, but I think I’ll have a decision in 24 hours,” he said.

Byrne commissioned a poll that was conducted late last week, and spent the weekend pouring over the data. He doesn’t want to share the results just yet.

Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello, a Democrat, has already said that he intends to challenge Lautenberg in the primary.

“I have said all along and I think I’ve been straight forward with people that this isn’t hell-bent, no matter what,” said Byrne, who added that he was likely to step in “If people are looking for change and nobody else is willing to step up.”

And if he watches Lautenberg’s press conference today, Byrne will be able to gauge just what he’s up against. Byrne still undecided