City Hall Waits for Congestion Pricing Bill

Here is Lew Fidler, a congestion pricing critic, getting a polite earful from senior aide to Christine Quinn Ramon Martinez, before the committee vote on congestion pricing.

Reporters, advocates, mayoral staffers and seemingly anybody with business related to the council are milling about, none with a solid count of how today’s vote will go.

The actual bill the members will vote on hasn’t been delivered to the City Council chambers yet, but it will arrive soon, according to a staffer.

UPDATE: The bill arrived! The council is going to vote shortly on what is officially a request to enact senate bill 7243B “at the request of the governor.”

Also, Robert Jackson a previously undecided member, just finished speaking and said he will vote yes. Earlier, I spoke to Domenic Rechhia, who told me he is still undecided.

City Hall Waits for Congestion Pricing Bill