Cohen: Politicians Forced to ‘Overspill Their Guts’

Lewis Cohen, a Democratic fund-raiser and supporter of David Paterson, said he doesn’t care how many affairs Paterson admits to having, since nothing in evidence so far is criminal and there are no allegations of misuse of public or campaign funds.

“His private life should be his private life,” Cohen told me. “Whether it’s one affair or 100 affairs, if it’s not prostitution-based, it’s a private affair.”

Cohen said, “We’re forcing people to spill their guts to be in public office, and that’s not a good thing."

When I asked why it’s not good, he said, "Because we’re forcing them to overspill their guts."

"It’s important to know who you’re electing,” Cohen went on, “[but] when you have to wheel out your marital infidelities, and shine a light on anything that your opponents may use as a talking point against you, it is going too far. Having an affair is not against the law.”

Cohen: Politicians Forced to ‘Overspill Their Guts’