Congestion Pricing, Toll Hikes, T.V. Spots

Hillary Clinton goes on the air in Pennsylvania. [The Page]

Michael Crowley responds to David Brooks’ column by writing, “I think it’s quite possible that Hillary simply doesn’t think Obama is electable.” [The Stump]

Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez blogs for Clinton. [Hillary Clinton

The City Council may have an emergency meeting Monday on congestion pricing. [City Hall Insider]

Representative John Hall says that when he called for an independent assessment of Indian Point, he wasn’t looking for one paid for by the company that runs it. [Times Herald-Record

At a hearing on proposed Thruway toll hikes, canal enthusiasts clashed with highway officials and opponents of raising the fees. [Times Union

The M.T.A. raised fares to pay for $30 million of improvements, but now they’ve postponed the work because of a drop in real estate sales. [NY Times]

Norman Oder thinks the way the city has approached Coney Island redevelopment is the antidote to what’s happened with Atlantic Yards. [Atlantic Yards Report]

The state Health Commissioner is campaigning to get smoking out of movies. [Capitol Confidential]

Superdelegates are looking to party leaders for guidance, writes Jonathan Allen. [CQ

Barack Obama will be on The View Friday; John McCain will appear on Letterman next week. [AP]

McCain sees “Osama bin Laden and General Petraeus in agreement.” [Ambinder]

Who will get the coveted Springsteen endorsement? [The Swamp]

Obama girl is back, again. [Hyer Standard

F.D.R. writes of David Paterson, “why is he telling us so much?” [Room 8] Congestion Pricing, Toll Hikes, T.V. Spots