Did Oprah’s Dead Dog Sophie Inspire Gayle King’s New Penthouse?

In January, the Post reported that Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, had bought a penthouse at the Place 57 condo on East 57th Street for "approximately $7.4 million."

The deed for the deal just surfaced in city records, and it turns out that the three-bedroom, two-fireplace apartment was bought in the name of SOPHIE’S PENTHOUSE LLC, which seems to refer to Oprah’s famous cocker spaniel Sophie. Maybe the women’s television guru thought the dog would like roving around the penthouse’s 768-square-foot wraparound terrace?

If so, the timing is atrocious. News spread today that 13-year-old Sophie has died after suffering from kidney failure for months. It’s the second of Oprah’s very beloved pets to die in a year: "Every time I think about it, my heart starts racing," Oprah wrote when her golden retreiver Gracie choked last year on one of Sophie’s toys, "and I feel like I just got stabbed in the chest."

On the plus side, the apartment was bought for $7.1 million, $300,000 less than the reported price. (Two of Oprah’s associates, Lisa Gardina and Gideon Kaufman, are listed in the purchase records.) Then again, Jordache jeans co-founder Ralph Nakash paid just $4.975 million only last March for a spot in the same building, so the deal’s not entirely amazing. Did Oprah’s Dead Dog Sophie Inspire Gayle King’s New Penthouse?