D.N.C, N.Y.R.A., N.E.I.

The co-chairman of the Democratic National Committee’s rules and bylaws committee says they won’t seat Florida and Michigan delegates without a re-vote. [Boston Globe]

The N.Y.R.A. agreement is on hold again, because of the change of governors in Albany. [Daily Gazette]

The New York Canal Corporation is opening the canals to boaters May 1, but on reduced hours and with reduced staff, in an effort to cut down the budget. [Staten Island Advance]

In an effort to reassure the public, there will be an independent safety evaluation at Indian Point. [NEI Nuclear Notes]

Geraldine Ferraro has “no clue” why Barack Obama would include her in his speech on race. [Daily Breeze]

Former lieutenant govenor Betsey McCaughey writes “Unfortunately, it is almost always the case that governors marginalize their lieutenant governor.” [The Sun]

An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people showed up at City Hall to protest cuts to the city education budget. [Lost in the Ozone]

“I don’t think they want them” said Ron Paul, referring to the G.O.P. and his supporters. [Washington Times]

D.N.C, N.Y.R.A., N.E.I.