Doctoroff, Obama, Cuomo, Paterson

Barack Obama is back from vacation and ready to go after John McCain. [Ben

Gail Robinson looks at the possible conflicts of interest between Dan Doctoroff’s several jobs. [Wonkster]

John Riley sees something unseemly about Andrew Cuomo’s involvement in the legal process in which David Paterson is being asked to hand over emails generated by the previous administration. [Spin Cycle]

The U.S. military is reportedly going to start giving interviews with high-level officials to smaller news outlets. [Times-Ledger]

Robert Goldberg uses Tony McPeak to get at the ill-supported idea that Obama will have a problem winning Jewish voters. [American Spectator]

Marc Ambinder debunks the whole notion again. [Atlantic

Natpol considers the idea of Obama’s social networking platform if he gets into the White House. [Room 8

Linda Douglass looks at the Democrats’ position on gun control in the context of the Pennsylvania primary. [National Journal]

Neil Gabler thinks McCain may be “the first real postmodernist candidate for the presidency.” [NY TimesDoctoroff, Obama, Cuomo, Paterson