DSCC comes out swinging against Unanue

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) put out a press release today that was sharply critical of new Republican Senate candidate Andy Unanue, singling out his ownership of a New York City nightclub and a family/business dispute that cost him his job as Chief Operating Officer at Goya Foods.

“Running a nightclub in New York would seem like an odd qualification for a U.S. Senate candidate from New Jersey, but we know Republicans are desperate,” said DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller. “Andy Unanue is going to have to bring more than a checkbook and a history of failed business ventures to this race if he wants to convince New Jerseyans that he has any business serving as a United States Senator.”

In 2004, Unanue and his father, Joseph, were ousted from Goya Foods by their cousins Bob and Francisco, who cited “concerns about his professionalism” among other things. According to a USA Today article published today, the cousins say that the dispute has been settled and the family rift healed.

The DSCC release also noted that a New York Magazine review of Unanue’s establishment, AER Lounge, said that it was “complete with all the elitist trappings you'd expect from a meatpacking district club.” DSCC comes out swinging against Unanue