Duggan’s image is on rival slate’s Web site

Bergen County Republican Freeholder candidate Paul Duggan’s image has apparently been co-opted by an alternate Republican Freeholder slate.

Last month, Republican Senate candidate Murray Sabrin, disenchanted with the mainstream State Republican Party, pledged to run alternate slates of candidates for all levels of government – from Senate on down.

After being approached by the Sabrin camp, Duggan had pledged to stick with the Bergen County Republican Organization’s ticket. Duggan told the Bergen Record’s Charles Stile "I don't get off trains to get on an unknown train coming in the opposite direction.”

But Duggan’s picture appears on the Sabrin slate’s Web site, www.best4bergen.org, along with the photographs of three Sabrin-sponsored county-wide candidates: Chris Harvey, Tom Flannery and Edward Durfee.

Duggan said that he stands by his statement to Stile, and sent an email to the Best4Bergen site’s operator, Andy Gauze, asking him to take his picture down.

“I heard about that today and I sent them an email to cease and desist,” Duggan said. “I don’t know whether that was up there purposefully to confuse after I said I refused point blank to switch over… I stand by my changing trains story.”

Duggan said Gauze apologized and said he would take the picture down. As of 5:10 p.m., the picture remains up.

Duggan had been featured legitimately on the Web site when he ran for Freeholder last year, when it promoted the slate of BCRO county-wide candidates.

Gauze could not immediately be reached for comment.

But Duggan said he was unperturbed.

“When it all comes down to it, it’s just a hill of beans,” he said.

Duggan’s image is on rival slate’s Web site