Elsewhere: Budget, Resignation, Charisma

”We’ve got to to take a realistic look at whether or not that’s actually possible,” said David Paterson today of an on-time budget.

Andrew Cuomo says talk of him running for governor in 2010 is “silly.”

Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton nationally in a Gallup tracking poll, 50-44.

But he sets expectations low for Pennsylvania.

Obama is catching up to Clinton in superdelegates.

Apparently the conversation Clinton and Obama had on the Senate floor was about reining in the negative attacks against each other.

Obama called David Paterson.

Lloyd Constantine submitted his resignation to Paterson, in a very nice letter.

Paterson announced today that New York will join the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact.

Obama defended Jeremiah Wright and asked that he be judged on his own words.

The McCain campaign sent out an op-ed drawing attention to Obama’s minister, then said it was a mistake, as Charlie Black went on television that McCain wants candidates to be judged on their own positions.

Michael Bloomberg visited Fort Hamilton High School yesterday and a student fell asleep.

Virgin Mobile is going to be selling cell phones with a Spitzer joke.

A new New York League of Conservation Voters PAC is going to, next election, campaign against politicians who vote against congestion pricing.

One of the last things Spitzer did as governor was give $250,000 to a few neighborhood organizations to study brownfields in Gowanus.

In the comments section, Anonymous points out that Gary Trudeau has also been putting the Obama-as-media-darling theme into his comic strips this election.

Bill Clinton will be fund-raising for Hillary in Florida this weekend, where “[a]ttendees are invited to ‘meet Bill Clinton personally and experience the charisma!'”

Elsewhere: Budget, Resignation, Charisma