Elsewhere: Casey, Edwards, Maffei

Noam Scheiber muses on the idea of Vice President Bob Casey.

Barack Obama will play basketball for voters.

Katharine Q. Seelye considers some of the reasons Casey changed his mind and decided to endorse Obama.

John Edwards’ donors are choosing Obama over Clinton by a 2-1 margin.

Hillary Clinton wants grandchildren.

David Paterson does not have diabetes.

The Evans-Novak political report calls Dan Maffei the favored candidate to win the congressional seat Jim Walsh is retiring from.

Streetsblog got a report of an anti-congestion pricing robo-call.

Fred Stutzman at techPresident elaborates on this week’s New York Times article about youth, politics and technology, writing, “The social filter isn’t solely a place to find information, but rather a place where information exists in its own right.”

Clinton suddenly thinks North Carolina matters to Democrats.

Elephants choose their candidates.

Elsewhere: Casey, Edwards, Maffei