Elsewhere: Congestion Hearings, Virgin Islands, Triborough

Congestion pricing critics fear that things are going against them.

The public can testify on congestion pricing in front of the City Council tonight.

One of the Indian Point reactors was shut down last night after a pump malfunctioned.

Liz says there’s some speculation about Tom Reynolds for state G.O.P. chair.

Spencer Ackerman talks to Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisers.

The Clinton campaign is standing by that electoral college argument.

Obama sometimes goes incognito when arriving and departing from his Chicago office.

He and his family are in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

And there’s video!

Obama reportedly met “unofficially” with the U.S.V.I. governor yesterday.

When he gets back, the Obama campaign will do a six-day bus tour through Pennsylvania.

The D.C.C.C. released their “target list” of vulnerable incumbents yesterday, and Daily Gotham has the New York ones.

Anthony Como has announced he will run for the seat Councilman Dennis Gallagher is vacating, although a special election hasn’t actually been announced yet.

The L.A. Times looks at the mutually beneficial relationship between John McCain and Meg Whitman.

There’s more to the G train-V train story.

N.A.R.A.L. is going to campaign against McCain.

Joe Bruno says Eliot Spitzer was “truly trying to destroy [him].”

But he has introduced a bill that Spitzer supported, which would rename the Triborough Bridge for Robert F. Kennedy. Elsewhere: Congestion Hearings, Virgin Islands, Triborough