Elsewhere: Earmarks, Outlets, Developers

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both went to the Senate to vote today, and held a private conversation “full of head nods, serious faces and emphasizing hand gestures.”

The AP says that Obama, while demanding Clinton reveal her earmarks as Senator, has not released six years worth of earmarks he made as a state senator, despite repeated requests.

Reporters at the David Paterson press conference were asked to state their names and news outlets.

Paterson said of congestion pricing, “we’re taking a look at it.”

Eliot Spitzer’s resignation will cause a delay in choosing a developer for Hudson Yards.

Michael Bloomberg doesn’t think the Eliot Spitzer scandal is funny and he wishes the late night talk people wouldn’t make jokes about it.

Here’s a list of other scandals.

Obama criticizes John McCain’s shifting position on the Bush tax cuts, which he originally opposed, but is now in favor of extending.

The chair of the Florida Democratic Party is waiting to see what the reception to the plan for the mail-in primary is over the weekend, but admits the prospects don’t currently look good.

The Miami Herald editorial board opposes a mail-in vote.

Both gubernatorial candidates in North Carolina have now endorsed Obama.

Bloomberg signed a law today making it harder for landlords to harass tenents.

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and John Legend will be the judges of Moveon.org’s competition for a 30-second Obama ad that will air on national T.V.

George W. Bush tries out his McCain stump speech.

Appearing on the campaign trail for McCain, Rudy Giuliani (!) said he feels “great sadness” for Spitzer.

Mitt Romney is starting a PAC.

Obama basically thinks it’s ridiculous that Clinton is saying he competed in Michigan.

Nancy Pelosi says of the Obama-Clinton ticket, "Take it from me, that won’t be the ticket."

A new poll indicates that Ohio might vote Democratic in the general election. Elsewhere: Earmarks, Outlets, Developers