Elsewhere: Long Weekends, National Treasures, Spitzer Jokes

Joe Bruno says the State Senate is going to work all weekend to make the budget deadline.

Karla Schuster reports that Michael Bloomberg looked over Barack Obama’s economic speech before it was delivered yesterday.

Dan Janison reports that David Paterson is blowing off the state Public Integrity Commission when it comes to the question of possible conflicts of interest with his father.

Jack Davis is officially running for Congress in the upstate district where Tom Reynolds currently serves.

So is this “conservative Republican.”

It’s totally fine with the F.E.C. that Elton John is performing at a fund-raiser for Hillary.

Beth Reinhard says the rally in Miami today isn’t technically for Clinton, but it feels like it might be.

Republicans in Westchester are aggressively looking for candidates to run for office.

Michael Scherer looks at John McCain’s ethics record.

Both Democrats run ahead of McCain in California, but Obama has a greater lead in a new poll.

A group associated with Housing Works were arrested outside the State Senate Majority Leader’s office after protesting the lack of state A.I.D.S. funding.

A federal court said the city was negligent in the deadly Staten Island Ferry crash.

Liz wonders what the New York Times is up to.

A pro-congestion pricing P.A.C. puts some elected officials on notice.

A blogger at the Albany Project thinks there’s a political upshot to closing those juvenile halls the New York Times wrote about this morning.

Tom Robbins counts how many times Obama mentioned Abraham Lincoln.

Nancy Pelosi is standing by her position on superdelegates despite a harshly-worded letter from Clinton donors.

And now Moveon.org, which has endorsed Obama, is distributing their own harshly-worded letter to counter that first letter.

Lindsey Graham thinks Joe Lieberman is a national treasure.

And above is a video that Azi took last night at the Stonewall Democratic Club, where Anthony Weiner was speaking. When a member of the audience randomly shouted something about "hookers," Weiner pointed at the camera and said, "You’re being denied about the 20 Spitzer jokes I have."

Elsewhere: Long Weekends, National Treasures, Spitzer Jokes