Elsewhere: Obama’s Speech, McCain’s Mistake, Paterson’s Budget

Before anyone could ask, Hillary Clinton told reporters, "I did not have a chance to see or to read yet Senator Obama’s speech, but I’m very glad that he gave it. It’s an important topic."

Jesse Jackson thought the speech was both "tough-minded" and "tender-hearted."

In a particularly articulate rendition of what seems to be the consensus review, Jay Carney writes that the address was "breathtakingly unconventional" because Obama is "counting on voters to hear and accept nuance," but he also asks if "its sheer audacity makes for good political strategy."

John Riley thinks the sound-bite the campaign should hope for is, "These people are a part of me. And they are a part of America, this country that I love."

Obama will give two speeches on Iraq later this week.

John McCain made a Sunni-Shiite gaffe.

His spokesman tried to blunt the impact of the mistake.

Sheldon Silver sees David Paterson’s affair as “a media story” and Joe Bruno thinks “his personal life is his personal life.”

Jim Tedisco says he’s "focused on the budget."

Later in the day, Paterson said he’s looking to cut $800 million from the state budget.

According to Capitol News, the legislature might start with a rudimentary budget to meet the deadline, then work out the details later.

Clinton supporter Ed Rendell hit up Obama supporter George Soros for money to pay for a new Michigan primary. Soros declined.

Another senior member of Clinton’s staff departs.

11,046 pages of Clinton’s White House schedules will be released tomorrow.

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame came to an event for Clinton in Pennsylvania.

Michael Bloomberg had an unannounced meeting with Al Gore.

And Carleton College professor Steven E. Schier thinks the country should get rid of caucuses.

Elsewhere: Obama’s Speech, McCain’s Mistake, Paterson’s Budget