Elsewhere: Opposition, Investigation, Inspection

Politico obtained opposition research that David Paterson paid to be conducted on himself after he became Eliot Spitzer’s running mate.

Federal prosecutors are asking the state inspector general’s office to postpone investigating Spitzer‘s involvement with a call girl.

A buildings inspector has been arrested and charged with lying about inspecting the crane that collapsed on Saturday.

As a result of the Con Ed rate increases, Assemblyman Jim Brennan proposed a Downstate Power Authority that he says would cut rates by 30 percent.

Hillary Clinton leans heavily on Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana in his home state.

Naftali Bendavid thinks Barack Obama’s use of the term “security gap” echoes John F. Kennedy’s promise to close the “missile gap.”

Obama will be on The View tomorrow morning, according to Us Weekly.

John Edwards will be on Leno tonight.

A Queens judge has been censured a second time.

A Saratoga Springs blog finds a reason to be optimistic about an eventual N.Y.R.A. deal.

Mark Halperin reports that Obama is the first candidate to go up on Pennsylvania T.V.

Tom Wrobleski thinks that Tom Reynolds’ retirement could be bad for the Democrats who want to unseat Vito Fossella.

Someone has assembled a video about the many follies of many New York Democrats.

An aide to John McCain has been suspended after distributing a video about Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Neither the director of the M.T.A. nor the head of the Port Authority were required to submit resignation letters to Paterson’s office.

The plan for the power plant in Greenpoint, which Assemblyman Joe Lentol vocally opposed, is dead.

Joe Wilson defends both Clinton’s foreign policy ability and the existence of the “3 a.m. call.”

McCain may be moving towards public financing, although his campaign isn’t committing to the idea yet.

A Palm Beach Post reporter writes, “[W]e’ve found out what it takes for a non-Floridian to stick up for the Sunshine State: a historically close presidential primary election and the state’s 210 delegates up in the air.”

And a radio interview in which Obama referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person” will probably be treated as an significant news event by some media outlets tomorrow.

Elsewhere: Opposition, Investigation, Inspection