Elsewhere: Race, Division, Delegates

Barack Obama discusses race in a NewsHour interview that will air tonight, telling Jim Lehrer, “I think we’ve got to talk about it. I think we’ve got to process it. But we’ve got to remind ourselves that what we have in common is far more important than what’s different.”

And he will give a major address on race tomorrow.

Rasmussen polled voters’ feelings about Jeremiah Wright.

Hillary Clinton got two standing ovations and one cry of “Obama” at David Paterson’s swearing-in ceremony.

Sally Goldenberg confirms that the “Obama” cry came from Charles Barron.

John McCain warns about the “political practicalities” of anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The Michigan-Florida delegate problem may come down to the definition of “shall.”

The governor of Michigan proposes a June 3 primary.

It doesn’t look like either Dominic Recchia or Steve Harrison will be getting much help from D.C.C.C. in seeking to unseat Republican Representative Vito Fossella.

Tony Avella is pushing legislation that would give community boards more power.

A USA Today-Gallup poll shows Clinton by five points over McCain in a hypothetical general election match-up, and Obama by two.

Both Clintons push Democrats to look beyond the delegate count.

Christopher Bodkin may not run in the Democratic Senate primary against Jimmy Dahroug, who is looking to unseat Cesar Trunzo.

The Obama people make a video rebuttal of Clinton’s war speech.

Elsewhere: Race, Division, Delegates