Elsewhere: Spitzering, Labor Money, Energy in Penn.

Glenn Thrush says Michael Bloomberg could benefit from the Spitzer situation.

Barack Obama ducks the Spitzer question, twice.

The word “Spitzering” goes up on Urban Dictionary, although it “isn’t defined yet.”

In the comments section, Harlem Cat wrote, "What makes it sweet is his holier than thou disposition; couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy."

The AFL-CIO is going to launch a $53 million campaign for Democrats, against McCain.

Obama will be everywhere on T.V. tonight after the Mississippi polls close.

James Dobson still really likes George Bush, isn’t talking about John McCain anymore.

Nancy Pelosi says a joint ticket would be impossible, offering her tacit endorsement.

Obama talked about green energy in Pennsylvania today.

Hillary Clinton criticized Obama’s energy policy.

In The New Republic Michael Crowley gives a detailed history of the grudge between Obama and John McCain.

The Obama campaign isn’t sure about a mail-in vote in Florida.

McCain is going to Iraq as part of a long trip that begins next week.

John McCormick doesn’t like how Obama is treating the press.

Facebook gets Bloomberg for Governor. Elsewhere: Spitzering, Labor Money, Energy in Penn.