Elsewhere: Wright, Paterson, Hagel

More work of Jeremiah Wright surfaces in the form of a published eulogy. 

Today in North Carolina Barack Obama sought to put Wright’s remarks in context.

Josh Greer revisits the ties Hillary Clinton has to “secretive” religious organization The Fellowship

Chuck Hagel visits Michael Bloomberg.

Congressman Brian Higgins testified against the proposed Thruway fare hikes at a public hearing. 

David Paterson is finished talking about his personal life.

A judge ruled Michigan’s primary law unconstitutional.

The historically anti-Clinton conservative group Judicial Watch has turned its attention to Obama’s State Senate paper trail.

John McCain discussed his fund-raising deficit with reporters. 

An elementary school teacher demonstrated yet another way in which Obama smears are disseminated. 

Samantha Power thinks the way her comments about Obama’s Iraq policy played out did not do her justice.

Bill Thompson is in favor of a bill of rights for cable customers.

Robert Jackson is likely to vote for congestion pricing


Elsewhere: Wright, Paterson, Hagel