Fabulosity Herself: Nobody Doesn’t Like Kimora Lee

Juicy Plum, Orange Blossom, Tiger Lily! No, these are not the names of Eliot Spitzer’s favorite tarts. Au contraire, they are the top notes of Fabulosity, the new fragrance—arriving on shelves this week!—from Kimora Lee Simmons.

Glamour-obsessed, entrepreneurial and hilarious, Kimora, the star of the Style Network reality show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and creative director queen of Baby Phat clothing, just might be the most insanely unpretentious person in fashion. Last week I called her on the West Coast and we examined some of the burning issues of the day.

SIMON DOONAN: What are your thoughts about Eliot Spitzer? Was he looking for fabulosity in all the wrong places?

KIMORA LEE SIMMONS: Fabulosity is so not about being a hypocrite. That’s what I call faux-fabulous.

SD: Prostitution, pro or con?

KLS: I’m very pro-woman. Sex makes the world go round. I would never point the finger at another woman who was selling her wares. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

SD: Does Hillary Clinton have fabulosity, or does she need it badly?

KLS: She has it. Internal things like self-confidence make you fabulous. She represents what it’s about. I’m rooting for her. She’s also my friend. She went through a lot and she came out with her head up.

SD: Do you think Vladimir Putin is hot?

KLS: No. I don’t think he’s hot. He’s done a lot of things which are definitely faux-fabulous.

SD: I read in Page Six that you and Djimon have made a baby.

(Kimora, now separated from her hip-hop mogul husband, Russell Simmons, is dating Academy Award-nominated actor and superhunk Djimon Hounsou.)

KLS: They say lots of things about me. At Page Six they are not interested in the truth. No, I am not expecting a child. One day I may be. And when I do, it will be fabulous.

SD: Jermaine Jackson named one of his children Jermajesty. Will you name your next one Fabulosity?

KLS: No, but I love that! Whatever they are called, my kids always embody the idea of fabulosity.

SD: Could the notion of fabulosity help promote world peace?

KLS: Absolutely. To be true to yourself and respect others is the best way to make the world a better place. I raise my kids [Ming and Aoki by Mr. Simmons] to be citizens of the world and to consider all nations. See! If I was running for president, we would have fabulosity for all.

SD: Diana Vreeland said, “The bikini is the greatest invention since the atom bomb.” Discuss.

KLS: Diana Vreeland is fabulosity. I humbly say that I see lots of myself in Diana Vreeland. I have believed in the magic of fashion ever since I was 13 years old on the runway at Chanel. Before the models got so damn skinny.

SD: How horrifying is this new skinny thing?

KLS: These girls are not eating enough. On the Baby Phat runway we show girls of all shapes and races.

SD: Have you ever worn a mink bikini?

KLS: I’ve worn a white faux-fur mink bikini. Faux fur equals fabulosity. I am friends with PETA. At Baby Phat we are thinking towards a higher consciousness.

SD: The last time I stood next to you I was staring at your navel. How tall are you?

KLS: Six feet. With a Manolo I’m 6-feet-4. If Spitzer’s wife wore those stilettos maybe things would be different. …

SD: Do you think dwarf-tossing is un-p.c.?

KLS: I don’t think that’s nice. Who does that, Simon? No, really. I think we have to accept that dwarfs are part of the picture.

SD: Back to politics. Could you ever see yourself with an older conservative dude like McCain or Mitt Romney?

Fabulosity Herself: Nobody Doesn’t Like Kimora Lee