The funniest show you’ll see performed at a mall

Watching a musical can be embarrassing enough when you’ve willingly agreed to see performers get on a stage and sing their feelings to you. What happens when the show is happening all around you, and you have no choice but to watch it?

That’s the question posed in this video created by Charlie Todd and the guerrilla comedy squad Improv Everywhere. At a quiet shopping mall in Los Angeles, a cashier at Hot Dog on a Stick begins to sing her request for more napkins; soon she’s joined in her song by a customer, a janitor, and even a security guard (all undercover Improv Everywhere agents) as real-life patrons sit and watch, laugh, and cringe. While some audience members clearly get the joke, it’s funnier to watch the reactions of those who don’t — who became the unwitting victims of a social experiment when they thought they were just going out for some fries.

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