Gannett’s Fox Trot

When it comes to BPU President Jeanne Fox’s reappointment, Gannett’s Bob Ingle and Gregory Volpe have been working overtime.

Based on recent coverage, it appears the Gannett chain is the only NJ newspaper paying close attention to the current storyline about Fox’s day-in-court-defense to a whistle blower complaint and the pending Senate review of her reappointment as Board President.

The tally: Gannett papers have run 29 stories on the subject this past month.

For now, it appears the trial will preempt a Senate confirmation showdown, according to Friday’s Gannett story.

Curiously the Star Ledger – – which dedicated a few weeks of prime Sunday front page real estate to BPU's $80 million private bank account and other goings-on inside Two Gateway Center – – has been rather quiet on the subject.

Gannett’s Fox Trot