Green Day: March 10, 2008

Herewith we introduce Green Day, our selective morning line-up of stories from around the web about Green New York. Read anything lately that we’ve missed? Write into the comments section and let us all know about it.

Plans for Brooklyn Bridge Park, which was supposed to pay for itself with a fancy marina and boating activities, are getting negative reviews from the city’s Department of Environmental Conservation. [New York Post]

A new report details how the book-publishing industry is looking for greener ways of doing business. [Associated Press]

The first Green Real Estate Summit, held last week in New York, emphasized savings to be gained from building and retrofitting projects to meet green certification standards. []

The question now may be whether mortgage lenders will step up and stop placing risk-premiums on green projects. []

Today in E-waste: Despite tons of private programs and a high-profile City Council fight, New Yorkers don’t seem to know what to do with their old computer hardware and other electronics. There is mention of an “e-waste Tsunami.” [The New York Times]

New York’s LEED gold-certified luxury rental The Solaire gets the spotlight in this piece about green real estate. [Newsweek]

What did New York look like 600 years ago? [The Mannahatta Project]

DHL introduces a new initiative to reduce the carbon-intensiveness of shipping. []

Introducing: The Organic Martini. [Oneplusone] Green Day: March 10, 2008