Green Day: March 13, 2008

Paterson will be a strong governor from an environmental standpoint, but he’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to an analysis of his record by Jerome Woody. []

Last night, the E.P.A. announced “a modest tightening” of its smog standard, despite the unanimous call of the agency’s scientists to adopt a more protective standard. [The New York Times]

But fourteen New York counties don’t even meet the slack standard set last night. [News10Now (Central New York)]

Lobbying by labor and environmental groups on Democratic campaigns is seen as one reason President Bush will have a hard time passing a free trade agreement with Colombia. [The New York Times]

When big tech companies go green, make sure you read the list of the ingredients they are using to make their products before you get too excited. It’s the subcontractors, silly! [PC Magazine]

Discovery Network will launch Planet Green with advertiser tie-ins including Home Depot, S.C. Johnson Waste Management and General Motors. So the big guys want to market green … but what does that mean? [Media Daily News]

“A task force appointed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell to evaluate a liquefied natural gas terminal proposal for Long Island Sound is critical of federal regulators backing the project.” [Danbury News-Times / AP]

An orchard grows in a Brooklyn backyard. [The New York Times]

How architecture can encourage—or discourage—physical fitness: Meet Bruce Fowle, the man behind those fantastic stairs at the new Times building on Eighth Avenue. [] Green Day: March 13, 2008