Green Day: March 14, 2008


Read Steve Cohen’s take on the “greening” of the new Mets ballfield and a new green software-helper for Major Leage Baseball. [Steve Cohen]

Johnny Depp, Snoop Dogg, Harrison Ford, and 50 Cent join forces to free Lolita from imprisonment. No, it’s not an action-adventure movie; it’s a benefit concert to free a whale from Miami Seaquarium. []

Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell will seek incoming Gov. David Paterson’s help to stop the Broadwater project, a floating, 1,200-foot-long, 180-foot wide, 80-foot tall gas terminal in the Long Island Sound. [ The Day]

You will have to go to Eyebeam Atelier yourself to see the do-it-yourself urine recycling system that aims to extract valuable fertilizers from wastewater before it gets processed for reconsumption. (Side note: It appears that that new sweetener, Splenda, makes its way into wastewater without the slightest refinement or interference by your own kidneys. Click here for requisite “sweet pea” and “the Splenda of it all” gags.) []

There are signs that the gray wolf, hunted to extinction in New England, may be returning. [Hartford Courant]

Asa Aarons explains carbon offsets to the uninitiated. [New York Daily News]

A former Grumman airfield in Long Island’s Pine Barrens has become the habitat of the endangered Short-Eared Owl and Tiger Salamander, giving rise to a controversy over the planned development of a $1.5 billion resort that advocates say is needed to repair the Town of Riverhead’s busted coffers. [The New York Times]

From Sweden comes Matroshka, a modular living construction that fits everything into 43 square feet. How’s that for a small footprint? [treehugger]

And today’s video presentation, courtesy WSJ. com, comes from Wal-Mart’s Lee Scott. Punchline: “We are not green.” Green Day: March 14, 2008