Green Day: March 24, 2008

More than 70 major corporations will meet with environmental scientists at The Wild Center in the Adirondacks in June to “produce a slate of possible policy and regulatory options to overcome market and other barriers that are inhibiting implementation of substantial low-cost greenhouse gas emission reductions.” []

“The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s approval of a floating, $700 million liquefied natural gas terminal raises the stakes for New York and Connecticut residents who see this project for what it is: a short-sighted grab at the region’s energy market at the expense of public safety, the environment and the enjoyment of Long Island Sound.” [ editorial]

Automobile bloggers weigh in on the “greenness” of the just-finished New York Auto Show. []

The City Council will consider congestion pricing today. []

The Daily News brings our attention to another reason congestion pricing may be a good idea: “Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have just shown that high levels of traffic-related air pollution in cities like New York may be harming kids’ brains and lowering their intelligence in much the same way cigarette smoke and lead paint do.” []

While environmental protections have limited the use of coal-burning power plants in the United States, there’s nothing to say that other countries can’t use coal for power, which is why the U.S., due to a reorganization of the coal industry, will become the world’s chief exporter of its only abundant fuel source. []

Democracy Now! interviews Dr. James Hansen on his new book, Censoring Science.] Green Day: March 24, 2008