He’s Cuckoo for Coco’s Muff! Rapper Ice-T Melts Over Wife’s Playboy Pix

Rapper Ice-T, 50, and his buxom wife, Coco, 29, a model, arrived for their birthday party at the Plumm on 14th Street around midnight last Thursday, March 20. By then, the open bar was closed and a few hundred party-favor copies of the March issue of Playboy, in which Coco appears wearing a variety of skimpy lingerie ensembles, had been either ransacked down to a few pages, or pocketed.

The couples been married for seven years—faithfully, Ice-T swore. “Monogamy is a choice,” he said. “Since Coco and I have been together, I’ve never cheated on her. I’ve never even been tempted to.”

“Thank you, baby,” said his wife, and leaned closer. She uncrossed her legs, bringing her Louis Vuitton heels and tight-stretched fishnets together.

The couple was speaking to the Transom in the downstairs bar area, sitting opposite one another on square purple chairs opposite a stripper pole and stage. The party, which included singer Kid Rock, bounced noisily above.

“Honestly, Coco and I are kind of boring,” Ice-T said. “Coco had her party days, and everybody knows my reputation of being a player and being around, but once we got together we got kind of boring. People think, you know, we have three people and all, she’s picking up girls. We’ve never done that.”

Coco nodded and added: “I think people see us out and we’re fun, we’re not like ‘cramped couple in the corner,’ whispering about people. We’re pretty much the wild person in the club when we go out together.”

It was hard to ignore a group of cameramen that was adjusting lights nearby. “I’m sorry; I just want to say something about the media. I’m thinking about what we’re doing right now,” Ice-T said, gesturing toward them. “I think right now at this moment, any person who thinks they can do anything on the sly has lost their mind.” That was glaringly apparent; several people with camera phones had already taken pictures.

The conversation turned to local politics.

“When you are an elected official, or you’re a cop, you’ve kind of taken an oath to be extra-right,” Ice-T said. “I mean, I never took an oath not to break the law. So, if I’m smoking weed but then putting people in jail … I’m an arch criminal. Like [fallen Governor Eliot] Spitzer put people in prison. I’ve never done that. So, to do that and then for himself to break the law … that’s kind of fucked up.” He’s Cuckoo for Coco’s Muff! Rapper Ice-T Melts Over Wife’s Playboy Pix