In the Observer: Paterson, Wolfson, Obama

I look at David Paterson’s first days as governor and the people who want to help shape his agenda.

John Koblin asks Albany reporters what they knew about Paterson’s affairs before they were allowed to write about it.

Choire Sicha asks: “Why did the Patersons submit to carefully conducted sit-downs with Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News, in which they each broke the news of an affair—when the new governor would then, fourteen and a half hours after that story was published, go on to announce affairs with a whole herd of other women?”

Jason Horowitz visits Howard Wolfson during one of his many conference calls.

David Lat says prostitutes can charge more per hour than lawyers.

Joe Conason considers John McCain and Iraq.

Steve Kornacki thinks Barack Obama’s speech on race was a success, in part because, like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, he "has something powerful and rather rare working in his favor: Most Americans instinctively like him."

In the Observer: Paterson, Wolfson, Obama