Jersey-Based Clinton Backers Petition D.N.C. to Seat Delegates From Florida and Michigan

The day after major Hillary Clinton fund-raisers sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi about the role of superdelegates in the nominating process (as in, please stop taking the Obama campaign’s position on it), two Hillary Clinton supporters from New Jersey are circulating a petition, addressed to Howard Dean, asking that Florida and Michigan delegates be reinstated "immediately."

"If they are not reinstated by early April," the petition says, "we ask the Democratic National Committee to show cause why they should not be reinstated and establish a mandate for two full revote primaries for June."

The email in full:

Dear Clinton Supporters and Fellow Democrats:

As you have witnessed over the past few weeks and months, many in the Democratic Party are seeking to disenfranchise more than 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan. This total represents more than the combined votes of the first four states, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Recognizing that these voters cast their support in overwhelming numbers for Hillary Clinton, supporters of Senator Obama have worked tirelessly to prevent these delegates from being seated at our convention in Denver. Notwithstanding the words used by the Obama campaign to paint themselves as an agent for change, their tactics are actually those of division and deception. The citizens of Florida and Michigan deserve to be heard, if not, democracy will not be served and the voters of these two critical states may turn against our eventual nominee in November. We cannot let this happen.

So, how can you help? Please click on [link] and sign this critical petition. We need your help to make sure that this election is fair, honest and ensures a victory in the fall.

Thank you,

Michael W. Kempner and John F.X. Graham

Jersey-Based Clinton Backers Petition D.N.C. to Seat Delegates From Florida and Michigan