Katie Couric’s North Carolina Debate Still in Limbo

Last week, on Thursday March, 13, Ed O’Keefe of ABC News reported that Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton might debate at least twice more before the all-important Pennsylvania primary on April 22.

Both senators, ABC reported, had agreed to an ABC News debate in Philadelphia; and Mr. Obama had agreed to a CBS News debate in North Carolina at a time and place to be determined.

As NYTV had earlier reported, Katie Couric has yet to host a debate in this podium-rich primary season. The North Carolina gig would be her first chance at the big stage.

But will it happen?

On Friday afternoon, Chris Ariens of TV Newser reported that the Clinton camp might not accept the invitation from CBS News because “agreeing to a North Carolina debate would de-emphasize the importance of Pennsylvania, just three days before PA voters go to the polls.” Also according to TV Newser, there might be a scheduling conflict between the debate and the first night of Passover, Saturday, April 19, although other dates were in consideration.

What’s the latest?

The Media Mob checked in with CBS News this morning. According to Vice President of CBS News Paul Friedman, the debate is still up in the air.

“Timing is still being worked out,” he said.

Katie Couric’s North Carolina Debate Still in Limbo