Kelly slams Myers for not reaching out to him personally

Republican Chris Myers wants to challenge Jack Kelly, his rival in their primary race in the 3rd Congressional District, to a series of debates, and Kelly wants to accept.

The holdup seems to be the way the challenge is being issued.

Myers' campaign sent a letter to Kelly's campaign about the debates today. It also sent the letter to, prompting Kelly to pounce on hisopponentfor being managedin the extreme.

"So far the only things I ever hear are from his campaign, and when he's quoted in the paper I see identified, 'Myers spokesman,'" Kelly said. "Certainly I'd be happy to debate. But I'll answer him when he talks to me."

All Myers had to do, according to Kelly, was pick up the phone.

"He has spokesmen who speak for him," said Kelly, an Ocean County freeholder. "Instead of sending letters to the press through his spokespeople, he should call me and ask me directly for a series of debates."

Myers, in the letter he sent, asked for just that sort of conversation.

"I suggest that in the coming weeks, we sit down to work out the details of the debates such as format, locations, dates and moderators," Myers wrote. "I am confident that working together we can come up with a debate schedule that satisfies everyone."

Kelly said he had tentatively agreed last week to debate Myers when a local radio station asked him about participating.

Representatives from the radio station told Kelly they would get back to him pending a confirmation from Myers. Kelly said he never heard back from the station, and concluded that the hang up was on Myers' side. Kelly slams Myers for not reaching out to him personally