Levinson decides not to run for Senate, backs Unanue

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson will not run for U.S. Senate and will instead back Goya Foods heir Andy Unanue for the seat.

“He’s a dynamic young man, wants to get involved,” said Levinson, who received a courtesy phone call from Unanue today. “He comes forward without the political baggage that so many of our candidates have. It’s exactly the way things should be.”

Levinson’s name was floated by Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis last week as many Republican leaders were searching for another candidate to run in the wake of Anne Estabrook’s departure from the race. Last week, he refused to rule out a run but downplayed the possibility to PolitickerNJ.com.

It’s possible that Levinson could run for statewide office in the future, but right now he’s satisfied in his role as county executive.

“I’m very, very satisfied where I am, and a man really has to know his limitations,” he said. “I have really no desire to go to Washington, although it was really flattering, the amount of interest that was generated far and near.”

Levinson decides not to run for Senate, backs Unanue