Lineup 3/26

In the paper this week, John Koblin takes Off the Record into the story of Newsday, and finds out why Sam Zell wants to sell it while Rupert Murdoch, Mort Zuckerman, and Charles Dolan all want to buy it.

In NYTV, Felix Gillette talks to Chris Wallace about that remark he made about Obama during a spot on Fox & Friends that might have put him in the doghouse with some of his colleagues.

In publishing, Leon Neyfakh reports that publishers are trying to convince Michelle Obama to write a book, and that Doubleday has paid seven figures for the rights to Chip and Dan Heath’s follow-up to Made to Stick, despite the best efforts of their old editor. Neyfakh also has a feature in O2 about a rash of forthcoming books that combine the recovery memoir, wherein the author gets over something devastating, with the stunty experiment book, wherein the author does something weird/crazy for one year.

Also don’t miss a guest appearance by The Observer‘s real estate editor, Tom Acitelli, who contributes a devastating indictment of the media coverage that followed the Bear Stearns collapse. Lineup 3/26