Miramax, Richard Price Drink Up Lush Life Movie Deal

Miramax Films and producer Scott Rudin have acquired screen rights to Richard Price’s novel Lush Life, just published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Mr. Price, who recently won the Edgar Award for his script work on HBO series The Wire, will write the script, with a "mid-six against seven figures" deal, according to Variety.

In the New York Times‘ Michiko Kakutani’s March 8 review of Lush Life, she wrote that "it is a novel that gives us a wide, 3-D Imax portrait of a small corner of New York City (the Lower East Side of a few years ago, at that hinge point in time, when young hipsters were beginning to push out the immigrants and the working poor), a novel that captures Manhattan’s magnetic appeal to dreamers and drifters, and its ability to crush the weak and unlucky and turn their dreams into disappointment and rage."

More from Variety:

While Price has always been a critical darling for novels that include "Clockers," "The Wanderers," "Freedomland" and "Blood Brothers," his latest is drawing the best reviews of his career. The novel debuts this week at No. 6 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Rudin, who shared the best picture Oscar with Joel and Ethan Coen for "No Country for Old Men," has a long history with Price that began before Rudin became a producer. At 19, Rudin was the casting director on the Phil Kaufman-directed adaptation of Price’s first novel, "The Wanderers." Since then, Price has scripted the Rudin-produced pics "Ransom" and "Shaft."

  Miramax, Richard Price Drink Up Lush Life Movie Deal