Monmouth screening committee recommends Unanue

The Monmouth County Republican Screening Committee voted unanimously tonight to recommend that the county committee vote for Senate candidate Andy Unanue over rivals Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin at its convention tomorrow night.

The screening committee interviewed Unanue over the phone from his vacation spot in Vail, Colo.

“As a strong friend of Presidential nominee John McCain, Andy Unanue will receive the attention from leaders in Washington, and the financial backing needed to overcome the Democrats' negative attack money machine,” said Monmouth County Republican Chairman Adam Puharic in a statement. “Andy Unanue is strong on national defense, calls on secure borders to stem the tide of illegal immigration, and will fight to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.”

Unanue already has the Cape May County party line, as well as the endorsement of the Ocean County Republican Screening Committee. Monmouth screening committee recommends Unanue