At your desk, visit museums you never imagined existed

Indiana Jones likes to rebuke his enemies by insisting that whatever artifact they crave really “belongs in a museum!” He’s talking about mythical religious objects, but the Web is full of obsessed enthusiasts who believe the same could be said of pay phones, business cards, and Japanese manhole covers. The Chicago-based design and advertising studio Coudal Partners has gathered the most offbeat and whimsical of these collections on its website the Museum of Online Museums.

Sure, the site features links to the online homes of traditional institutions such as MoMA and the Smithsonian, but the exquisite only-on-
the-Interwebs joy comes from the curators’ selection of such wacky finds as Airline Spoons of the World, the Cereal Box Archive, and the Gallery of Generic Mac and Cheese Packaging. The site makes almost anything — including condiment packets — feel a little worthier. After all, be it a Nebraska pay phone or a Mao suit, somebody somewhere has probably made a museum for it.

VISIT the amazing collection of “a few thousand science fiction magazines”

VISIT the Gallery of Firework Label Art

VISIT the Museum of Online Museums

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At your desk, visit museums you never imagined existed