No New Skyscraper for Si Newhouse, Conde Nast

So that new skyscraper that Si Newhouse was hoping for? It appears dead.

Tishman Speyer has all but won the West Side railyards sweepstakes this afternoon, which means the bid put forward by Douglas Durst and Steve Roth is likely lost, which means Si Newhouse has lost. Mr. Newhouse told a crowd of Conde Nast editors and publishers at their holiday event last November that the group was badly in need of a new skyscraper (even though the company only moved into 4 Times Square in 1999).

Conde Nast has a lease at 4 Times Square that expires in 2018, so for now, they’re staying put and the odd publications that aren’t housed there won’t move under the same roof anytime soon, either. No New Skyscraper for Si Newhouse, Conde Nast